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Are you tired of living on the same old earth? Want to live on a different one? A world you’ve created yourself, maybe?  Well, I can’t help you with that. But I can tell you about the World Machine a software that enables you to create virtual terrain, with it’s own geographical history. Let’s talk about creating height


Flanker Telemetry

Flanker Telemetry Project GitHub Page I’ve been a long time user of the Logitech G15. Not because it’s a particularly good keyboard, but simply for the convenience it’s built in LCD provides to an overclocking enthusiast like me. With the powerful LCDSirreal Plugin, at a glance I can see the temperature of my CPU and GPU. Loads


Auto Tagger-Inactive

Project Description: Not many people aware of this, but you can actually embed lyrics in .mp3 files.  Many modern players(including Winamp, iTunes, Android Music Player and iPhone’s Music Player) support showing the lyrics  automatically while the file is playing.Embedding lyrics in an .mp3 file is not hard. Actually any id3 tag editor can do this. Problem is;

Flute & Guitar

Cousin and me playing Vezgeçilmiyor from Murat Göğebakan. It was a challange to not lough while playing the flute.