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Project Description: Not many people aware of this, but you can actually embed lyrics in .mp3 files.  Many modern players(including Winamp, iTunes, Android Music Player and iPhone’s Music Player) support showing the lyrics  automatically while the file is playing.Embedding lyrics in an .mp3 file is not hard. Actually any id3 tag editor can do this. Problem is; as far as i’m aware there are no freeware sofware that does this process in bulk. So if you have an extensive music archive, embedding lyrics in each file becomes a very hard chore.


Project Aim: With Auto Tagger i tried to automate this process. You add all your archive in program, click get lyrics for selected songs, program searches lots of lyrics provider’s web sites and fetches lyrics. After checking  the lyrics you press embed and viola! all your .mp3 files has embedded lyrics in them.  You can check lyrics for any song wherever you are.

Problems: First problem i encountered with this project was  code pages. Since not all lyrics are in English, and most lyrcis providers pages are encoded with utf-8, program needed to understand which code page was used by provider. Unfortunately at the time i codded this program python didn’t have very extended support for Unicode. So i had to leave selecting codepage to user. 

Second problem was bigger then the first. Since most(all?) lyrics provi
So i reasoned, i’d just look for a provider with API  support. Unfortunately i was able to find just one free lyrics provider with API supprt. And thir API was not compatible with Python. I briefly considered creating a C# library for that API but gave up the idea.der sites are commercial entities, they didn’t want anyone to just fetch lyrics from their pages programatically. There are invisible banner texts hidden in the lyrics code, you have to do extensive text parsing in order to get just the song’s lyrics. Some providers embed their lyrics in java or flash containers. Which makes just grabbing the text pretty much an impossibility.

Conclusion:  While i was actively working on program, it was able to correctly procure lyrics for ~%90 of my .mp3 files. But considering i have’t worked on the code for about 3 years. I don’t think it will still work. Providers which are used by program most likely changed their pages coding.

I might one day turn back to this program, but next time i’ll definitely use C# for it. Writing a GUI for a Python application is just oo much hassle…


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