Can was born in 1988 in Turkey. Because of his father’s occupation; from a very young age he traveled extensively.

Not surprisingly he attended to lots of different schools (about 18 in total) up until he got accepted to Kırıkkale Science High School.

For his higher education Can elected to get out of Turkey and attend to the Azerbaijan Technical University. He choose Computer Engineering for his major. And graduated in 2013.

He started dabbling with computers  at age 5. As the time progressed, what started as a hobby turned into a life long passion.

Started programming with Delphi 5. He coded his first program at age 9. Still loves coding and reverse engineering. Mainly uses C# and Python for coding with working knowledge  of C++, PHP, Pearl and Java.

He loves making and listening music. His favorite bands includes: Haggard, Epica, Nightwish, Diablo Swing Orchestra and Almora. He plays acoustic guitar, electro guitar, melodica and flute.

He’s also an avid reader of Fantasy. He reads avarage of 8-10 books monthly. His loves both  grand masters like JRR Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind  and also new authors like John Daulton, Jim Butcher and Kresley Cole


Currently residing in Adana, Turkey with his Golden Retriever named Tesla. Named after the greatest inventor of the last millennium, Nicola Tesla.

 PS: Sorry for third person narrative, i don’t know why, but apparently a bio has to be done this way. If you haven’t figured it out, i’m the one who is doing the narration.

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